Custom-Made Walking Staffs

Stutzman staffs our versatile in the sense that they can be used for hiking, birding, fishing ( wading), or just a leisurely evening walk. Our staffs have been used from Mt. Kilimanjaro to Machu Picchu.   We can install a camera mount to capture the wildlife around you or add a shooting mount for hunting. We even have a place to carry your cigar. All staffs come with a Titanium Carbide spike tip with a rubber cap to use on various terrains, such as  ice, river wading, and more. Select your custom grip, style of staff desired, and let us do the rest.  All staffs will be signed, personalized and serial numbered and can be built in 1 or 2 pc.

Staffs are available in 1 pc or 2 pc

Staffs are available in 1 pc or 2 pc




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