Dottie Tison:


Dottie is a self taught photographer who has a great passion for capturing the beauty of many different types of creations. From the help of her husband Tim, she began taking photos in 2000 when she purchased her first digital camera. The digital camera allowed her to take several photos of the same subject until she achieved the “look” she was going for. After marrying Tim in 1970 and living  all over the United States, they settled in South Carolina three years ago. Dottie’s path crossed with Ira’s at the Brays Island Plantation Sporing Expo in April 2019, where we have had the honor to attend for several years. Dottie had purchased a Nikon Coolpix P1000 and wanted something other than a tripod or mono-pod to use. After seeing our walking staffs ( one of which had a “V”mount) , she had found the perfect solution. In Dotties words,“ It works great in the field, and doubles as a walking stick when we are on uneven terrains ” Want to check out Dotties work? Go to